Water repellent Synthetic leather outer cover.
– Luxurious comfortable.
– Double Seam Stitching for robust construction.
– Most effective material used for Air vent to avoid air bubble.
– Double pockets for quick re-filling.

10 Month’s warranty ( stitch and fabric )
Comfortable sitting.
sizes: XL , 2XL
Care :-
clean with a wet cloth,
Don’t IRON and dry in direct sunlight

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The LEATHER BEAN BAGS seamlessly blends style and comfort, embodying opulence and adaptability in any space. Precision-crafted with a keen eye for detail, it not only radiates sophistication but also introduces Sabrang—a vibrant spectrum of colors—to the ambiance.

Sabrang, meaning a range of hues

Sabrang, meaning a range of hues, manifests in options from classic blacks to lively tones, catering to diverse tastes and complementing any interior. This infusion ensures the leather bean bag becomes a dynamic focal point, adding vibrancy to the room.

Sabrang extends beyond colors to the sensory experience. The smooth, supple leather, resistant to stains and spills, enhances the tactile pleasure, creating a world of comfort and luxury. This quality ensures the enduring vibrancy of your bean bag, even with everyday use.

Beyond aesthetics, the ergonomic design highlights Sabrang’s adaptability. The bean bag effortlessly adjusts to the body’s contours, providing a personalized, comfortable seating experience. Whether unwinding or hosting friends, the Sabrang of comfort in the leather bean bag brings joy and relaxation.

In essence, it’s more than furniture; the leather bean bag is a canvas of Sabrang, infusing diversity, vibrancy, and comfort into the living space. From colors to textures and ergonomic design, the Sabrang shines through, making it a statement of style and versatility.

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